Children Diagnosed With AUTISM

Millie's World provides an intense, behaviorally based program for children diagnosed with
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). ABA techniques can foster basic skills like sitting, attending, looking
and imitating and generalize them from a 1:1 highly structured setting into a child's natural environment.

Center Based ABA services as well as Home Based ABA services are provided to the children who
are eligible to receive an individualized ABA curriculum uniquely designed to address their goals.
These therapy goals are designed to address the educational and behavioral concerns of the families,
which are stated in the (IFSP) Individualized Family Service Plan. The goals will vary with different
children but they are all designed to target improving communication, cognitive skills,
social-emotional development and self help skills.

All of our ABA providers are specially trained and work collaboratively with family members
and related service providers to ensure that the children are reaching their therapy goals.