Day Care Program for
Typical Developing Children ages 2-5 

Monday-Friday  8:00AM - 6:00PM

Highly trained staff members in early childhood education, know what to expect from your child developmentally and are able to nurture his/her growing skills in a structured setting. Knowledgeable staff provide a nice mix of activities throughout the day to teach different skills and learn new things everyday. Many of the instructional projects are a good mix of left and right brain activities, usually made of simple objects like blocks or beans or vinyl letters for creativity, but presented in an organized, structured, and methodical way.

INCLUSION PROGRAM For Children With Disabilities is offered and is provided for the children who attend the ABA Center Based Program. Here the children have the opportunity to play, learn to imitate typically developing behaviors and socialize with their typically developing peers, in the day care setting, supervised by highly trained on site professionals.
Specializing in providing early intervention services from birth to age 3,
to children from various ethnic groups and backgrounds, diagnosed
with various developmental, communication and motor delays.

Millie's World - Early Intervention Program (EIP), is an approved provider of the
early intervention program and under contract with the municipality to deliver early
intervention program services. We are a New York State Department of Health
(DOH) approved program, which means our Early Intervention Program (EIP) is a
public program, which provides services authorized by the EIP,
at NO COST to the families.

Service Coordination is available to help the family coordinate and
obtain their rights under the Early Intervention Program.
Related Services are provided by highly trained NYS Licensed
and Certified Professionals and include:
-Speech Therapy
-Occupational Therapy
-Physical Therapy
-Social Worker
-Special Education

Tours are available by appointment Monday through Friday.